Friday, July 11, 2014

Kitchen Remodel Part 2: Painting and Flooring

Once the demolition was done and the new and damaged walls were mudded, it was time to paint. First with Kilz of course, to prime it.

The boys had a lot of fun with the ladder, and Auntie Missa helped out quite a bit.

We figured they should each have a turn painting.

Then we did the green walls and white ceiling. It was a bit more vibrant than expected, but now that we've got trim and curtains and stuff it's toned down. We've had differing reactions, but we like it.

We did the floor when the walls were finished. We hired someone because we installed ceramic tiles. Worth. Every. Penny. It is gorgeous, and nice, and much easier to clean. The color is a bit off in this pic but it shows how nice it looks.

Next time: Part 3, finishing up

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