Monday, January 30, 2012

Update on Mason

Mason is getting so stinking smart!  He's started opening doors, at least doors that he can push open, and he's starting to talk more and more every day.  He's a serious babbler, and I have a feeling he'll be a jabbermouth as soon as he can really talk.  Some of the things he can say are "thank you" "doggie" "mommy" "daddy" "kitty" and "I did it!"  I think he said "Auntie" the other day too.

He has done some interesting things recently.  For example, he learned months ago how to plug and unplug the bathtub.  We just use a flat plug because our tub doesn't have plug hardware.  Anyway, he loves to put in on and he always lets the water out when he's done taking a bath.  But lately he's started doing something really smart, way too smart actually.  I usually had to take out the plug to adjust the water temperature, and then put it back on.  Well, the last couple of weeks, he has been waiting to put it down until the water is the right temperature. He's even been putting his hand under the faucet to feel the temperature the way I do.  Very cute!

Mason's auntie April, and I took him to the movie theater the other day to see Beauty and the Beast 3-D.  It was interesting, he'd never been to the movies before.  When we got there, the screen was blank, and the room was dark.  He was bored and frustrated and started fussing.  Right about the time we got him calmed down, the movie started and scared him pretty bad, because it was loud.  April and I were laughing hysterically, poor boy.  He calmed down pretty quickly though, and enjoyed the movie until about part way through when he got annoyed with the glasses and kept taking them off.  We ended up leaving early because of that, but I want to take him to a matinee sometime which is not 3-D.  He liked the big screen, but 3-D was not a good idea with an 18 month old, and 7:30 pm was too late also, that's his normal bedtime.

Mason turned 18 months old last Saturday, which means he gets to go to nursery at church.  It was a relief in a way, he's been so wiggly and can't sit still much.  He would sit still pretty well in sacrament meeting most of the time, especially because we usually sat in a bench and he couldn't go running off.  I haven't been to Sunday School in months though, because by that point he is too restless.  Then he would go with me to Relief Society or with Mike to Elder's Quorum.  He was pretty good most of the time, but he needed to go to nursery. 

Mike dropped him off the first time, we figured it would be easier that way.  He cried until they broke down and gave him a car to play with.  Then he was fine.  I had spies check on him every once in a while and I peeked in on him at play time.  He was confused by the singing time activities, but seemed to enjoy the playtime.  Afterwards, while we were waiting for a meeting I was having, he started playing with some other kids in the foyer.  Seems that nursery has given him a bit more interest in socializing already.

I cried.  I was sitting in Sunday School crying into a tissue about how he wasn't supposed to be so old.  My baby is growing way too fast.