Monday, May 3, 2010

Car trouble and bananas

I was lazy this morning. Mike woke up at 6 and was very prompt about getting up and going, but I decided I would sleep in because I was planning on going to the DMV to get my name changed on my car title, and they don't open until 8 am. So I got up at seven, right when Mike was leaving. He had a final today and had to be there at 8, and it's about a 45 minute drive to his campus.

My plans changed slightly. While I was in the shower, Mike came in. He asked me if I'd ever had trouble with the car not starting. The newer one, not the junker that I've been driving since January. I told him to take the other car and go, since he had his final. He was concerned about me, and asked how I was going to get to work, but I told him not to worry about it and go. Technically I didn't need to be to work until 9, so I had plenty of time. I figured if needed, I could call Liz and get a ride.

I got ready, and went to the car and tried to start it. It wouldn't work, so I called my father-in-law to ask him to listen to the sounds it was making. He said he thought it was the battery, so I went and bugged my new neighbors for a jump. And it worked! Woo-hoo! I even had time to go to the DMV before work.

Anyway, I figured I should do something nice for the neighbors as a thank you.

My mid-wives suggested I eat more bananas to help with leg cramps. The problem with bananas is I only like them at a certain stage. I like them with just a tad of green on them, up until right before they get spots. And Mike doesn't like them much either, so they tend to go bad before we eat them. So we have been sticking the extra ones in the freezer for use in banana bread or muffins. Mike has been harassing me for not eating them fast enough.

So I decided to make banana bread. I had enough bananas to make four loaves. I gave one to my neighbors, one is for my work's snack day Thursday, one is for a church thing, and one is for our consumption. The last two are in the oven right now, filling our house with the smell of goodness.

I don't think Mike will keep harassing me about eating the bananas for awhile.