Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random Aiden cuteness

Mason has a camping chair which Aiden has some sort of fascination with. He keeps climbing into it randomly and sitting in it.

Every time I think he'll fall and hurt himself, but he hasn't so far.

He's too cool for that.

And for some reason the other day, Mason decided that he was a horse and Aiden should ride on his back, so Auntie Tiffany obliged.

And here is a cute video of Aiden with a couple cute things he does.

Trip to Tutu's

The boys and I took a trip to see Tutu (my mom) for a few days. Mike couldn't come, he had to work. We took the train to get there in order to save money, and so I could take both boys.

Mike took us to the train station and after we checked our bags, we wandered around the station, waiting for our train to leave.

The kids loved the train! So much room, and they were able to move around.

The day after we got there, we went to the zoo with my sister and her girls.

They had a super cool tiger!

Mike gives me a hard time because I didn't take many pictures, but I pointed out that I'm not used to taking pictures, that he usually does it.

Here's Mason having a cool boys shirt off time. Uncle Todd and Cousin Eli took their shirts off, so Mason decided he should too.

We made cute footprints of all the kids for Tutu's yard.

Then we went to Chicago. This was a train on exhibit in the museum. They had lots of trains, and Mason liked them a lot.

They also had a cool exhibit where chicks hatched.

And a cool WW2 submarine!

We got to go inside but Mason got freaked out and Tutu took him out.

The morning we left, I woke up to find Aiden sleeping all funny in the pack and play. So cute!

And apparently, Mike missed me a lot. He left roses on the table. The cat knocked them over, but didn't hurt them.

He also bought me some goodies.

The kids were glad to be home. Aiden was glad to be able to go anywhere without being stopped (there were stairs most places we went)
  and Mason was glad to have his cars back.

The day we got back, my sister showed up and stayed here for a couple of days so we had some fun with them.

Five kids in our house. Crazy fun!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer fun

Our couch is really annoying. It has a set up where things can fall into a part of the couch we can't get into. We had to cut it open and use velcro to hold it together afterwards, to get out the cars and the remote control. Mason was sooo excited when he realized we were getting the cars out and he lined them all up.

We got a sand box for Mason. At first he wouldn't get in it, he stood at the edge and carefully played.

A couple of days later we let him play out there and we found him practically lying in it.

Random picture of Aiden eating very messily.

 The boys going for a ride in their wagon. They love the thing!

Mason got tired one Sunday, and I came out to find this.

Just miscellaneous fun!

Oh, and we have a piano right now in our front room, and Mason loves when Daddy plays:

Friday, July 19, 2013

Flowers and repairs

I have roses at my house! One in the front growing up the porch, and one huge one in the back yard taking over the yard. 

 So pretty!

I also have a couple of hibiscus, but I don't have any good pictures of it. They are really pretty too, one is white, one is pink.

We found some water dripping in the basement and Mike was cleaning the gutters of the roof out, and he found the cover for the gas vent was completely rusted through. 

So he repaired it with some metal tape stuff he found in the garage.

He also took some fun pictures from the roof.

Don't you just love my porch?  So awesome!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fourth of July

Our house came complete with a nice flag and a mount for it.

So patriotic.

We had a barbeque dinner at Grandma's house and ate it outside.

 Aiden likes hot dogs and watermelon.

Grandma has a nice toy kitchen in her back yard, Mason had fun with it, once the dogs were locked up in the neighbors yard.