Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kitchen Remodel Part 1: Before pics and demolition

I'm finally getting around to doing blog entries of our kitchen remodel, now that we finished the little touches. First, here are a few before pics.

Yucky. You can't see the floor either, it was a nasty asbestos thing where most of the tiles were crumbling, and it was basically impossible to keep clean. So we started tearing things apart.

The first thing to go was the closet/ pantry next to the fridge. It was too big and not useful. Ripping it out really opened up our space.

Then we took the door of the bathroom entrance and sealed it off (there is one from the master bedroom too, so we can still get in).

Then we tore up the floor. I really enjoyed that, did most of the tearing up myself.

While we were working on the kitchen, we set up a temporary kitchen in the front room so we could have breakfast and lunch at home. We setup a cooking rota with my mother-in-law across the street so that we could have real meals for dinner. Ended up removing the rug too, so it wouldn't get covered in food. The floor in the front room took some real cleaning when we were done.

At this stage, we also had the contractor we hired to do the cupboards come and redo the plumbing for the new sink, rewire all the electrical and add more outlets, and move the stove plug to the new location. Mike also spent a lot of time mudding the walls where we tore things out and the ceiling where there was some water damage that we repaired. It was all starting to come together.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Painting and flooring!

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