Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The blessings of free stuff

I have been a little worried about money issues, what with baby coming and me not having enough leave to pay for the time I am taking off for him. On top of that, there are all the things I know I am going to need when the baby is born.

Or rather that I needed.

Not that I have everything I need. But lets review some of the big things you need with a new baby.

A crib.
Car seats.
Dresser, or other storage space for clothes.
I wanted a bassinet, so he could sleep in our room for a bit.
A stroller or two.
A pump, as I plan to breast feed but have to go to work.

Of course there are still clothes and miscellaneous small items, but these are the large, pricier items.

Now lets review what we have, and where it came from.

A crib- the bishop of Lizabroo's/ Mike's parents ward gave it to us.
Car seats- A coworker who's baby just outgrew them gave me two nice ones.
Dresser- I got one through freecycle just this last weekend, a nice big one I'll be sharing with the baby which will double as a changing table.
A bassinet- also came off freecycle.
A stroller- A VERY nice one that a family Mike has known for years noticed out on the curb with a "Please Take" sign and grabbed for us. They also grabbed a booster chair and some toys.
A pump- My dear kind sister who gets to stay at home with her kids lent me hers from when her first baby was born.

And of course there are clothes coming from all over the place: my sister has sent me some of Eli's, my sister-in-law April, who works at a thrift store keeps bringing over bags and bags of clothes, my cousin's wife Kaylee gave me some of hers. And I have a shower this week at work and another the end of the month for family and friends.

We have been blessed. It really just takes knowing people, and having patience to wait and see what comes along. Our house has been almost completely furnished with these kinds of offerings, the only things we had to buy were some of our bookshelves. And its not too shabby looking either.

Thank you everyone who has helped!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby stuff

I had my most recent appointment Wednesday. I seem to have capped out on my weight gain, I didn't gain any weight. The baby is breach currently, but I have some things to do to get him to flip. Today, I lay down with a bag of cold corn on my high belly and a warm pac on my lower belly, the idea to encourage him to flip. I don't know if he did, but he did react to the cold and pushed against it.

Here is a new picture of me.

My feet are flabby. It's very annoying. They flop a bit when I walk. I eat a lot these days too. Today at work, someone brought four containers of strawberries, and I ate almost a full one myself. They were very yummy.