Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dreaming of our house

With us working on buying our first house, I've thinking a lot about how great it is going to be, and I've come up with a couple if lists:

Things I will not miss:
Cigarette smoke in the entryway and the smell seeping into our apartment
The neighbors taking all the parking (we'll have a garage!)
Hearing people thumping up and down the stairs on the other side of the wall while I'm trying to sleep
Hearing the upstairs neighbors little girl crying all hours of the night
Having Mike's office taking up half my living room
Plain white walls
The mailman who can't distinguish B from D
The extreme lack of space
Having our "storage" closet practically inaccessible
Having the changing table in the front room
The fridge here- half the shelf space in the doors is unusable since the bars are missing

Things I am looking forward to:
Having cats
Having a fenced backyard for Mason (and eventually Aiden) to play in
Being close (extremely!) to family
Having an office
Having closet space in our bedroom
The linen closet
Not having to use family's homes to store our stuff
Having a trunk- finally cleaning out all the stuff in it
Having a pantry
Having a big basement (ie. room to grow!) 
The permanency! No moving every year or so
Not having to depend on a potentially lazy landlord to handle problems
Being able to make changes in my house
Mike finally hanging all our pictures
The huge bathtub
Having space for people to visit us comfortably
New bookshelves to replace the ones that are being held together by duct tape and faith
Being able to organize better

Things I will miss:
My current ward
Having the washer and dryer in my kitchen- easy laundry!
The dumpster (the place we are moving has a maximum of two large garbage bags per week per household!  and I have two kids in diapers!  I'll have to get good at recycling)
The big playground type toys our  neighbors have out back
The close park
Having someone else responsible for repairs
The creek near our house
My life for the month or so it will take to get the house ready for us to move in
Having Wal-mart practically across the street
The cool little ledge that runs through the entire apartment