Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Home Decorating Tips from a 2 year old

Ever feel your parents have no sense of aesthetics? Fear not! With these handy tips, you can easily redecorate your home to show them your sense of style and have fun while you are at it! No pics, unfortunately, Mommy is too fast at cleaning up.


No kitchen decor is complete without a few milk splatters. An easy way to get them all over your area of the kitchen is to wait until your parents are distracted at breakfast time and stick your fingers in your cereal bowl. Coat them well with milk and then flick the milk all around. Repeat until desired effect is created or until you are caught by Mommy or Daddy.


Does your bathroom have a dull vanity? Mine is plain old ordinary black,and brandnew. It obviosuly needs some work.

For this change, all that is needed is a nice bar of soap. I picked white, it goes well with black. Get your fingers nice and dirty when Mommy is busy with something important like Facebook, then get her to let you in to the bathroom so you can wash your dirty hands. Immediately grab the soap, preferably a nice wet piece, and rub it all over the front of the vanity. You'll have a nice new gloss to add to the original boring color. And if your vanity has creases, so much the better; Mommy won't be able to clean it all off easily!


Our hall is boring hardwood that Mommy is often sweeping. It needs a rug, which I obviously can't afford, so I found a nice alternative.

I waited until Mommy was throwing up in the bathroom like she does every morning (did I tell you I'm getting a baby sister?) and Daddy had left, then I went straight for the toilet paper in the hall closet and grabbed two rolls. Before Mommy made it out, I had thrown most of one and part of another all over the hall. Such an improvement! Mommy didn't seem to think so though, she cleaned it all up.

We also have an air intake vent in the floor of our hall,and it is super boring looking. So I've livened it up by finding random pieces of toys and tissues and things all over the house and shoving them into the vent. It looks great, and it isn't an easy cleanup for Mommy. Also, Cheerios and tissues fit well in floor registers.


Used cat litter looks great on the front room rug! Fingerprints always look great on windows, and there isn't a wall that can't use a little ink, if you can find a pen and a busy caretaker. The weekly ads make great floor decorations once they are shredded, as does the daily calendar on the piano. And I'm sure spaghetti sauce would be a nice touch on the new white curtains in the kitchen, but I haven't managed that one yet. Still trying though! One of these days, Mommy or Daddy will get careless, and I'll be able to make a masterpiece!

Any decorating ideas to share? Comment below!

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