Tuesday, April 12, 2011


On March 21st we had a trip to the temple (See previous post.) That was the week of Mike's spring break. That same day, Mason learned a new trick:

As you can see, he wasn't so good yet. This is him today.

He has gotten much better.

He is very active these days, getting into everything. He can climb up to walk the couch now too.

He has a ball he likes to chase around. Two actually.

He likes to climb on Mommy!

Update from Mason

So last month, Mommy and Daddy took me on a big trip! I was stuck in a stupid car seat for hours and hours!

I was bored.

When it was dark we got to a big building and went to a weird room with big beds and I slept in my play pen. Then next morning we discovered a big window!
We could see this big weird thing that Daddy took lots of pictures of.

Then we drove for a little bit to a big pretty building and Mommy and Daddy went inside while I played with my new friend Lauren.

Then Mommy and Daddy played with me and Lauren while Lauren's mommy and daddy went inside. It was fun!

Then we got back in the car and drove and drove some more.

We stopped somewhere where we all got to eat and I played with Daddy.

When we got home it was dark again. I was tired.

I slept through the night. Mommy was very happy.