Thursday, September 13, 2012

Feeding the ducks

We decided to take Mason to the lake to feed the fish, but we forgot how early it gets dark now, so the pier was closed and we couldn't see the fish anyway.  But the ducks were there!  They were probably more fun anyway.

Labor Day weekend

Tutu, Grandpa Eric, and Uncle Todd came to visit for Labor day weekend!  It was their first visit with baby Aiden.
They were so happy to see him! And they had brought a present for Mason, so he wouldn't feel left out.
He didn't let it go all weekend.

We all spent Sunday evening at Great-Grandma Wheeler's with Tom and Gina and the Paulins.  Tutu and Grandpa Eric vied for the baby.

Monday we spent the day at Grandma's house.  They made homemade root beer and got a little carried away with the dry ice.
 It bubbled the root beer all over the floor! Then Aunties, Uncle and Daddy took Mason outside for slip-n-slide time.  Mommy was out of it by then, worn out completely.

He likes being wrapped up in towels.  Labor day was fun!