Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My big baby

Mason is 9 weeks old today, two months old as of yesterday. He weighs 14 pounds 11 ounces and he is in the 97th percentile for his weight, the 91st for head size, and 90th for height. He is one big boy! There were a couple of babies at the doctor's office today that are his age, but half his size!

He is such a sweet little boy. He has blue eyes, and his hair, which has mostly fallen out, is starting to grow back in really good. He is already in size two diapers and has outgrown many of the 0 to 3 month clothes.

I started back to work three weeks ago, and I'm noticing a difference in his attitude. He definitely misses me when I'm not here. He cried when I got to my aunt's house to pick him up last Friday, and he was twice as sweet and cuddly over the weekend and better behaved, not getting as crabby in the evening as he usually does. And yesterday he wouldn't go to sleep until I put him on my bed and laid down next to him. It was very cute, but I hope it doesn't become a habit. At least he let me put him in his crib once he was asleep.

He adjusted to the bottle pretty well as long as it's warm, if it's cold he spills it all over the place, but he still prefers to nurse. I'm pumping at work, so he's getting the good stuff.

He loves water and baths, he took one with me the other day, which he really liked. He is sleeping 6 to 8 hours each night, usually waking up around 4 to eat, and then sleeping until 7 or 8. He behaves himself pretty well for his sitters, and he is a very cheerful baby in the morning, which I miss out on. He is a very smiley boy, and cuddly. He obviously loves his mommy and daddy. I love him more everyday, and hate having to leave him for work each morning!