Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Freebies 2 Deals

I started checking this website regularly, and it is awesome! I've gotten some nice deals for Christmas presents, I can't post specifics though, because I don't want to spoil anything. Anyway, you should all check it out! They have deals for chain stores listed weekly, including recent coupons so you save even more. And they post a lot about freebies (hence the name). Check it out! http://freebies2deals.com/

Monday, September 26, 2011


Mason has two new appendages.

He has been carrying the cars around for at least a week now, and he always has to have two. It gets a bit ridiculous; he takes them to bed, he wants to hold them while eating, and in the car. I think he has finally made the correlation between the big cars he is so fascinated with, and his toys.

Cute boy!

Hey, don't climb Mommy's leg!

On a side note, it is starting to cool off, so he is having to wear socks and the cute Tigger hoodie Auntie April (the one out here) gave him. I think Tigger is his main theme.

On another side note, this is his friend who comes over every weekday now and plays with him while her mommy works.

She doesn't smile much when her mommy isn't here, I did try to get a smile.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ice cream!

I gave Mason my ice cream cone after I dug out most of the ice cream. Here is the result.

Cute boy!

Monday, September 19, 2011


I just did a game on-line through Amazon Mechanical Turk that involved a form of economics. Basically, each person started out with 100 points, and at the beginning of each turn , you were asked if you would pay 10 points per person to give the other people in the round 60 points, and they were asked the same. The bonus was that you got an extra penny for each 10 points when the game was over.

Now I went into the game deciding that I would always choose to give the 10 points per person (which usually amounted to 60 points altogether), because I was hoping that being nice would encourage them to be nice. The problem was, people weren't doing the same.

The game didn't say that only so many people could get bonuses, and it said you could get up to 3 dollars extra. I doubt if many people got that many though, because hardly anyone was willing to "sacrifice" their points. It got to the point that in the last round I had to say no because if I had said yes, and no one else had (which had happened the previous 3 rounds) I wouldn't have had enough points to continue, (and I didn't know it was the last round).

It may have been easier to make it work if I had been with the same 6 people the whole time, but they kept shifting it around. And too many people were being selfish and, to put it bluntly, STUPID!

Too harsh? Look at it this way: in a single round, if everyone had been willing to share points, they would have all lost 60 points, true, but they would have all gained. . . what? Let's see, what's 60 times 6? 360 points! It would have only taken 10 rounds for everyone to have maxed out the possible bonus points! As it is, I think the most anyone got was maybe 1200 points, unless there were some rounds that were more generous than what I saw.

Why are people so selfish? Why aren't they willing to sacrifice a little to gain more? Of course there was no communication involved, so we couldn't make bargains or whatever, but if everyone had started out on the first round giving up the 60 points, started out on the assumption that everyone would be nice, then everyone would have won! As it was, no one really did. Those who did sacrifice at the beginning weren't willing to continue, and I can't really blame them, I probably shouldn't have stayed nice for so long.

Now this is just a silly game online, and the stakes weren't very high. But what are the chances that anything would be any different in a more high stakes situation?

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Sometimes I wonder why I bother buying toys for Mason.

He loves playing with the most random things.

Smart boy! He's almost got the lid on!

I love my happy boy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My new job

I mentioned in my last entry that I had been busy and couldn't update my blog, but didn't explain why I was busy. Well here it is.

I am now watching three children, not including Mason-man.

It's kind of interesting how it happened. I started getting panicky about our financial situation because I had had to pull way too much money from savings last paycheck, and spent most of the week (two weeks ago) on the computer trying to find sources of work at home income. I wasn't finding much, but I was determined to get something.

The second day of my search, a girl from our ward (Heidi) called me. She has a little girl who is about a month younger than Mason, and her daycare providers (family and friends) were all falling through at once. Someone had told her that I was home with Mason now, and she didn't know if I was interested, but could I help her out? She'd pay $20 a day.

Yes, I think I can help her out!

I was really excited, and glad to get some money coming in, especially because the online stuff was mostly nickel and dime stuff, and wouldn't amount to much. She set it up for me to start watching her the day after Labor Day.

This wouldn't be enough to complete dissolve my concerns though, so I kept looking for things online. A couple of days later, my uncle Bruce called me.

Bruce and Liz live in the same town as I do, Liz watched Mason for us once a week when I was working and I lived with them when I moved out here. They are awesome! Anyway, Bruce told me his neighbor (Wendy) had two small children, a girl about 2 1/2 and a 3 month old and that they were looking for someone to watch their kids, and how much did I charge?

I was a little concerned about taking a child that young, I didn't want to neglect Mason, but I figured it was worth a try. So I told him, $20 per kid per day for full time (which turned out to be less than their old set-up) and a couple of days later I went by Liz' and Bruce's one evening and met them. We seemed to hit it off, and she said she'd call me to verify whether or not they wanted me. But then she didn't call, and I wondered, although Liz and Bruce both said she told them she was going to call.

A day or so later, another young mother in my ward (Julie) contacted me and said that if she starts working her new job full-time, she may need me to watch her little girl a couple days a week, and would I be willing to do so? Her little girl is also a month younger than Mason and they like each other a lot, so I told her of course.

So I was ready to start watching one little girl this week, and figured it would be a breeze. She came by for a part day Friday as kind of a test run, and she and Mason got on great, in fact he cried when she left. Then Monday, as I was in the car getting ready to go to the petting zoo (see previous post) Wendy called me, apologized for not getting back to me earlier, and asked if I could watch her kids this week!

I was a little surprised, and started to feel a bit overwhelmed, I hadn't prepared myself mentally for three kids, but I told her sure, gave her the address, and went on with my day.

Tuesday was CRAZY!

Norman (the three month old) was a bit clingy all day, I was relearning the things kids that young do, I was having to adjust to bottle-feeding, and Mason was NOT happy at all about having to share his mother. The two year old (Riley) was getting in to everything too, I wasn't used to what she could reach. At one point, Mason was screaming, and Norman was screaming, and I felt like I couldn't handle it. I almost told his mother that I couldn't do it, but decided to give it a couple of days. So that evening when everyone had left, I cleaned house, and rearranged a lot of things I didn't want Riley to get into.

The next day wasn't as bad, although at one point all three babies were screaming and the two year old found it hilarious, but it was only for a couple of minutes, and Norman wasn't as clingy, and he is actually pretty darn cute. Mason seems to be adjusting as well, although he tends to climb in my lap while I am bottle-feeding Norman. But Jalia (the one Mason's age) is usually gone by 4, so when she left yesterday, I got Riley and Mason to pick up the toys, and then we all went outside and the two kids played while Norman laughed in the bouncy chair. The "worst" thing that happened was that Norman blew out his diaper in the bouncy chair, so I had to wash the cover. But Mason did that all the time when he was that age, so no big!

I am learning a lot though. Having one kid is a piece of cake, when it comes to being a SAHM. Chores are easy when you have one kid who entertains himself most of the time. But when you have four, one or the other almost always needs something. I am almost always busy now, because when a kid doesn't need me, I have dishes or laundry or something of the sort. The only reason I'm able to write this, is I managed to get them all asleep at the same time, but Mason has been asleep for two hours, so I expect him to wake up any minute, which means that Jalia and Riley will wake up, and possibly Norman as well. Oh well, they are fun!

It looks like this will be somewhat irregular; Wendy's husband is a landscaper, so he doesn't always have work, and if he doesn't, neither do I. Tomorrow I'll only have Jalia. But it's better than nothing, and it gives me a chance to rest a bit in between, I don't think I am ready to have four kids to take care of all the time just yet. Also, Jalia's mom is trying to move to California in October, so that might not last long, but if I've learned anything from this experience, it's that the Lord blesses you when you work hard, and if I really try to bring in some money, something will work out one way or another.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day!

Ok, so I know Labor Day was two days ago, but I have been crazy busy so I haven't had time to write this. That being said. . .

We got up WAY to early (like 7 am) to go to a breakfast with my in-laws at the lake (I am probably always going to think that's a nutty thing to do, because to me, holidays are for sleeping in. Especially the first Monday holiday we did it, I was pregnant, always tired, and looking forward to sleeping! I think we went to the temple that Saturday too and had church at nine, so it was a triple whammy of no sleep and I took a heck of a nap that afternoon. But I digress.) Mason was a bit upset to be woken up, but cheered up quickly, especially because Aunties were there!

Mike took some random pictures of scenery. . .

And me. . .

Mason ate April's breakfast. . .

hung out at the lake (in his pajamas because we woke up late and I was lazy). . .

And had fun!
We got home around ten and Mason was exhausted, so we put him down for a nap. Then Grandma decided we should go to Deanna Rose (a petting zoo type place), which we tried to do once before and Mason came down with stomach flu on the way. When Mason got up, we fed him lunch and went off to Grandma's house. Then off to the zoo. Mason had a blast.
He saw pretty fish. . .

Pushed his stroller. . .
Played with goats. . .

Played with more goats. . . he really liked the goats and kept trying to go back to them
Incidentally, I wish I'd had my video camera going here, because the goat totally jumped in the stroller and tried to run off with it.
Pushed his stroller more. . .
I wondered at one point why I had bothered to bring a stroller, but then I realized it was a good idea.

Mason was dead tired when we got home around five-thirty, so I let him take a short nap since bedtime was only three hours away. He had a crazy busy day! And lots of fun!