Thursday, March 7, 2013


I was in the kitchen sticking something in the oven and I heard Mason playing in the other room, and realized, he was counting.  "Three, four, five, six, seven. . . "  I haven't been working specifically on counting with him, but Mike always counts steps as they walk down the stairs, and there have been other places he's heard it.  So smart!

I was really worried about how Mason would react to his little brother when I was pregnant, but he loves Aiden!  He likes to hug him, and play with him, and he gives him toys.  We were at the library for story time the other day, and in the middle, he came over and started tugging on Aiden, indicating he wanted to hold/ hug him. So cute!  He still doesn't talk too much, but he is learning and getting better. He is still pretty rough with Aiden from time to time though, he likes to push him sometimes. Not nice.

We moved into our house February 2nd.  We've been living in the basement at first while we fix up the upstairs.   Mason will be in a room about three times the size of his previous room, which he will be sharing with Aiden eventually. The work is mostly done, and we finally have a video of the house after we did all the work to it. It took up some time to find the camera cord so we could upload the video.

First, here is a video walkthrough of the house before we did any work.

And here is the fixed up version of the house.

Enjoy! I've made some curtains too for the windows, still have two sets left, but they have turned out pretty nice. I'll post pictures when I get them finished. We also bought some new (to us) furniture for our front room, I'll have to post a picture of the front room when we get it all put together.